Miles To Go Before I Sleep Part 2

The lady here with the GREAT hair, looking
all weathered and weary, is British actress
Sarah Miles. Her most famous movies are
probably Blowup (1966), Ryan's Daughter
(1970). and The Sailor Who Fell from Grace
with the Sea (1976). I like Sarah Miles best
in The Man Who Loved Cat Dancing (1973),
which is where the above photo comes from.
(And it's not just because of that partial nudity
in the creek scene.) Sarah Miles has sad eyes
that can smile and flash. And Sarah Miles has
GREAT hair (or did I already mention that?).
She also wrote a book called A Right Royal
Bastard, which is a cool title. And she appeared
in the 1978 remake of The Big Sleep with Robert
Mitchum. And she turned into a cute old lady, too.


Unknown said...

Loved Sarah Miles in the great film. WHITE MISCHIEF. Very naughty in that one.

Anonymous said...

The second picture (Sarah with big hat) - which film is it?