Birthday Girl Teresa Wright

Fresh-faced and wholesome
Today, Oct 27th, is Teresa Wright's birthday.
She was born in Harlem in 1918 and grew up
in the New York and New Jersey areas. She
studied acting, appeared in the legitimate
theater, and shunned cheesecake photography
and "the star treatment." She is the only
person ever nominated for an Oscar for her
first three films: The Little Foxes (1941),
Mrs. Miniver (1942), and Pride of the
Yankees (1942). She's the star of Alfred
Hitchcock's Shadow of a Doubt (1943) and
sparkles in The Best Years of Our Lives
(1946). She once said, "I only ever wanted
to be an actress, not a star." Her husband,
Niven Busch, wrote the script for Duel in
the Sun for her just to change her "good girl"
image, but Teresa got pregnant and couldn't
do the role, which eventually fell to David
O. Selznick's girlfriend, Jennifer Jones.
So she remains in our memories as one of
Hollywood's great Good Girls.
Happy birthday, Teresa!
Pure and true-hearted
The girl nextdoor type
...and sometimes very, very cute.

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