Diane Baker, regular girl

Okay, we've discussed starlet Hope Lange and her
famous right hand (which is gloved up in this photo),
so it's time to see more of the brunette in this group
photo from The Best of Everything, a painfully cheesy
soap opera from 1959. Her name is Diane Baker.
Diane played regular girls on 1960s TV shows like
The Fugitive, Route 66, and The Big Valley. She
wasn't a glamourpuss. She was like your best friend's
cute sister. Regular. But cute as a button. My favorite
Diane Baker is The Prize (1963), in which she is even
cuter than a button. Oh, and she was in the original
1962 movie, The 300 Spartans. What a doll!
She looks like a real person, granted, a really CUTE person.
Diane Baker as cute old lady.
Gorgeous Diane Baker with some guy.
Diane and old dude.
Diane and sumguy

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