Forget Brando. Watch Janet Margolin.

Back in 1965, Marlon Brando and Yul Brynner
made a strange war movie called Morituri.
Brynner and Brando compete to see who
can chew up the most scenery. It takes
place aboard a ship, and it's about Nazis.
It was also called The Saboteur, Code Name
, and the reviewers at the Internet
Movie Database think it's just a swell film.
Yeah. Whatever. Trevor Howard is in it,
and he's always fun to watch. Much more
importantly, Janet Margolin was in it,
and she is absolutely PEACHY. (We'll talk
more about her some other time.)

You ever seen eyes like that? Jeez Louise!

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Nicolas said...

Janet is stunning in the movie, and sadly died young.