Hope on my Hands

I actually met Hope Lange in the mid-1970s.
We shook hands. Her hand was cool and moist.
She was wearing a (70s-style) jogging suit (because
it was the 70s, right?), and the hair around her temples
was slightly damp. She was in her early 40s at the time
and still very attractive. Her ex-husband, actor Don
Murray, was with her. If I remember right, he was
wearing a jogging outfit, too, but I wasn't really
paying much attention to him.

(Yup, that would be the very same hand.)

Hope Lange 1933 - 2003.


Anonymous said...

Hope Lange was so very talented and what a beautiful lady she was! I sure wish I could get the tv series The Ghost & Mrs. Muir (1968)My favorite show!

EdgardoVOlaes said...

Hope Lange is one of my favorite Hollywood actresses since I was a child and up to now. I like each and every role she made. My choice re Hope's performance is in THE YOUNG LIONS. Most of her films were done at the 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation in the 1950s (now it's no longer hyphenated, 20th Century Fox Film Corporation).
By Edgardo Valentino D. Olaes