Janice Rule RULES!

I watched the gothic western, Welcome to
Hard Times, on TCM (the best television
channel on the planet) last night. What a
good little western it is! Hank Fonda, as
always, was wonderful. But actress Janice
Rule with her Irish accent steals a lot of
scenes. A very accomplished and serious
stage actress, Janice Rule can also be seen
in The Ambushers, The Swimmer, and
The Chase. She also appeared in just about
every 1960s TV drama you can name.


Hiatt G Show said...

just saw 3 women, in which she plays a very mysterious and wonderful role as Willie. she is great!

Anonymous said...

She was the lead in an early Twilight Zone Episode titled "Nightmare as a Chile". A fine piece of work for Television. Don't recall ever seeing her lovelier than in that show either.

C. Parker said...

Check her out in The Girls on Route 66 post.