Parrish the Thought

Sex and the Single Girl.
Leslie Parrish studied piano at the Philadelphia Conservatory of
Music before she moved to New York and got a modeling job. The
soft-spoken girl was 19 when she signed with 20th Century Fox and
21 when she moved to MGM. Considered one of the quintessential
Sixties blondes, she always seemed to be vaguely embarrassed by
her roles in such television fare as The Wild Wild West, Batman,
and The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Her roles in Sex and the Single Girl,
Three on a Couch, and The Giant Spider Invasion didn't challenge
her skills as an actress. She married author Richard Bach in 1977
and became the subject of two of his books before their divorce in
1999. My favorite Leslie Parrish movie is The Manchurian Candidate
(1962) in which she plays Laurence Harvey's girlfriend and becomes
a "queen of diamonds."
Here she is on the (Italian) Manchurian Candidate poster.
Leslie Parrish as the Queen of Diamonds.
Looks like a Wild Wild West still.
Sixties Blonde
Portrait of a Mobster (1961)
Picturegoer had some GREAT covers.
Early cheesecake shot

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