Romy Schneider, Naughty Nurse

How do you steal a movie from the likes of
Orson Welles, Anthony Perkins, Jeanne Moreau,
Elsa Martinelli, Akim Tamiroff, and Kafka?
Well, you have to be Romy Schneider and
play a naughty nurse. I watched The Trial
last night on TCM. Wish I could find some
bigger and better photos to share.
For more info, try here or here.
It is a strange movie in the fashion of New Wave,
but it is visually striking. Welles ran out of
money, which was not uncommon for him. Jeanne
Moreau is visually striking. Elsa Martinelli
is just slightly less visually striking. Romy
Schneider easily walked away with it. Her
character, Nurse Leni, makes advances toward
Anthony Perkins' character, Josef K., but he
ignores her. Gay actor Perkins looks genuinely
confused about what to do with her...or maybe
I'm reading into it too much. Last year I read
Charles Winecoff's book Anthony Perkins: Split
. Whoa! Perkins was one very nervous dude.
There are streets named after Romy Schneider
in Europe. (There are no Orson Welles Streets.)
What to do? WHAT to do? Doh!

Thanks, www.romy.de

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Romy Forever!