Style Tip #2

No, no, the one on the right. The right! Yes.
Stefanie Powers has a wonderfully symmetrical
face. These two pictures show her with sort
of a 1960s bullet hairdo and a 70s or 80s
freer, more relaxed and far more attractive
look. Some folks might call the hair-up look
an "age appropriate" hair style. I call it
Nuclear Missile hair. If hair is put up, I
believe it should look like it could fall
down at any moment. That's just my opinion
from years and years of studying the problem.
The careless, untamed lioness look is better.

No! Stop! No! Wait! It's the one in the middle.
If it's really an X-ray, why can't we see her bones?
Stefanie somehow got cuter with age. And she's
got a great smile and great eyes. Her birthday
is November 2nd, but I just couldn't wait.
Yup. Cute as hell.


Anonymous said...

I love this woman to pieces. You're right, the older she gets the better she looks. Just met her in London and was totally speechless at her beauty.

C. Parker said...

You met The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. in person? VERY cool.

Anonymous said...

I met her too, about three years ago. She's absolutely gorgeous!! ...radiates health, vitality, and beauty from the inside out. ...not to mention she's just an amazing woman all around! ..and such a doll of a lady.