Car Girl #2

Shape, design, style. Great car.
This is Kelly Preston in a cool dress
with a very cool car in the 1985 movie,
Mischief, which I have never seen.
I checked her out and found that I am
the last person on earth who knew she
was married to that Travolta guy. Silly
me; I should watch more TV. Whatever.
Anyway, she's been in a lot of movies
that I've never seen and been on TV
that I never watch. I've seen Amazon
Women on the Moon (1987) and From Dusk
Till Dawn (1996), but I apparently
missed her. Funny, because I remember
Salma Hayek clearly in From Dusk Till
Dawn. Crystal clearly, in fact. And
I remember the very young Michelle
Pfeiffer quite clearly from Amazon
Women on the Moon. Kelly has her own
with links to scientology and dianetics.
OH well!
Be that as it may, Kelly Preston
apparently looked outrageously cute
standing in a puddle in a cool dress
next to a great old car 22 years ago.
Here's to being out-of-touch with
Entertainment Tonight and People
magazine and all the rest of that
festering neon distraction.
(Oh, and I see that my page count has
passed the 1,000 mark, which is very
satisfying. I realize that certain blogs
like to get thousands of hits per day,
but I am happy with a thousand total.)

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