Happy Birthday, Frances Dee

Studio portrait, probably Paramount, of the lovely Miss Frances Dee.
In my humble opinion, Frances Dee was the most
beautiful brunette who ever lived. I realize that
everyone's got their favorite and may not agree.
But she was my favorite, and here she is.
William Holden thought she had the most
beautiful face he had ever seen when he
appeared with her in Meet the Stewarts.
Publicity still of Frances Dee from Wheel of Fortune with John Wayne. The film was also called A Man Betrayed.
This early studio shot is my favorite.
There's a video below (if YouTube is working).

For more information about Frances Dee's life and career,
you can visit Erik Weems' excellent web site,
The Val Lewton B-Unit.
The Nearness of You.
(Whisper) Happy birthday, baby.

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