Beth and the B-Movies

Gretchen Corbett
Photographs of actress Gretchen Corbett (aka Beth Davenport from the TV show The Rockford Files) are as scarce as hen's teeth on the Internet. I thought I'd try to remedy that. She's doing legitimate theatre now. Her daughter, Winslow Corbett (last picture at the bottom) is an actress, too.
As Beth Davenport from The Rockford Files
Gretchen Corbett and James Garner.
Scenes from Let's Scare Jessica To Death, Out of It, NYPD, and King Cobra.
Winslow Corbett is also an actress. Same eye makeup as Mom's.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the photos of Gretchen and Winslow. I am a big fan of the Rockford Files and Gretchen's character, Beth Davenport. And I have always wondered what Winslow looked like.


Bill Miller said...

Thanks. She's one of the main things that made the show great.

kevin k. said...

running through the rockford files on netflix-- remember it being a great show from when i was a kid (i remembered right). needless to say, i now have a huge crush of beth davenport. thanks for the pix.