Goodbye 2007, You Wretched Beast!

Dorothy Lee and friend wait for the New Year.
I hope I have these in roughly chronological
Jean Hagen
I'm looking forward to 2008, because 2007
sucked SO BAD. I mean life-and-death bad.
In ten years, if we live so long, my friends
and I are going to look back and say, "Hey,
you think this sucks, you shoulda been
around in 2007. Now that sucked Big Time."
Virginia Dale
The always lovely Debra Paget.
Julie Adams, AKA Julia.
Janet Leigh was a good sport.
I hate the holidays, but if the new year
is a better one, I'm all for it.
Anyway, copy and paste one of these
lovely starlets into an email and brighten
up your friends' day. Later. . .

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