A Jazzy Natalie Wood Morning

Natalie Wood with coffee and no pants.
Coffee. . .
Young Natalie Wood smoking in her jammies.
Cigarettes. . .
Natalie Wood and John Coltrane.
Jazz. . . (Right now it's Since I Fell for You by Lee Morgan)
The daunting 4-suite Spider Solitaire level.
I'm celebrating. I just won my very first game of Spider
Solitaire at the 4-suite difficulty level. Yes, I know you've
been winning that easily for years now. Yes, other people
are linebackers for Dallas. Some people excel at polo or
chess or speed skating. Yeah, I know that. I'm talking
about a "personal best" here, so give me a break. Imagine
that I'm a long-term paralytic in a wheelchair, and I've
somehow just moved my big toe voluntarily. Like that.
Well, it's not really that monumental, but I'm pleased
with it.
And with Natalie Wood, how can you lose?

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