It's Julie Christie Day!

Everybody can use nine photos of Julie Christie.
Well, not everybody. But...hey...you get my drift.
I've got a friend who adores Julie Christie.
And, after all, who wouldn't?
He also adores Mia Farrow, who seems way too
jittery to me. But he likes jittery women.
He likes Sigourney Weaver a lot, too. And she's
not jittery. If she quit smoking (see a couple posts
ago), she might become as jittery as Mia Farrow.
But back to Julie Christie. I liked her in Shampoo.
I liked almost all the actresses in Shampoo. There
was Lee Grant. There was Goldie Hawn. There
was Luana Anders. There was Carrie Fisher.
There were lots of Sixties fashions and hairstyles.
And there was Julie Christie. Nine pictures of her
isn't nearly enough, but it's all I had on such short

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Tom Sutpen said...

Every day should be Julie Christie Day!

(thanks for the link)