Free Nude Super Bowl NASCAR Babes

As usual, Debra Paget leads the way.
Get it done, guys. Get online and order those roses
today. Get 'em delivered to her workplace. Make
her girlfriends jealous. Show her you care. Take
the time now and get it done. Don't f*#k around
and wait until the last minute. Like you did last
year. Don't get her a NASCAR T-shirt for Valentine's
Day, unless she likes racing more than you do. Get
her roses. Don't buy her lingerie. Don't buy chocolates,
unless she's NOT on a diet. Order flowers. And not
daisies or lilies. Roses are good. Almost any color but
orange ones. Anywhere from six to 24 is good. One
is sometimes okay, if you send the right card. But
most importantly, get 'er done. Not at the very last
minute. Not the night before. Not a tiny wilted bunch
that you grabbed from the gas station on your way
home last year. Spent the money. Do it right.
Do it now.
Deborah Walley
Dorothy Hart
Toby Wing
(And pick up a dirty dish once in a while.
Maybe show her that you're All Man by
doing a load of laundry here and there.
Be careful with the bleach. Dames, babes,
broads, chicks, and spinners appreciate it
if you learn to use a toilet brush every so
often, too. No one expects you to do the
ironing or sew buttons. But get 'er done.)
Joce Matthews
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