Heavens To Betsy!

Betsy Von Furstenberg's eyes.
Betsy Von Furstenberg mostly did stage and television.
My Goggle Search for her gave me results for Diane von
Furstenberg, Ira Von Furstenberg, and Tatiana Von
Furstenberg, which is irrelevant.
Anyway, Betsy has great eyes. She was born Elizabeth Caroline Maria Agatha Felicitas Therese von Furstenberg-Hedringen in Germany. That is a ridiculous name. Betsy is retired now, is active in New York high society, and probably doesn't appreciate appearing in a post for Starlet Showcase. So she and I don't have a whole lot in common.
Yeah, she has a funny nose. Like I care.
Her eyes are the thing, see?
Mike Ludlow illustration.
This illustration is from Mike Ludlow.
Her Life magazine cover was posted HERE.
Betsy and a fake kitty.

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