Imitation of Monofonico Hi-Fi

This just screams WHATEVER!
I don't speak or write Spanish or Portuguese or any of the "Romance languages," so I don't know what these album covers are all about. Doesn't matter. Doesn't matter at all. I'm listening to the Miles Davis All Stars, it's Friday, and I'm looking forward to a long weekend indoors.
I like the Monofonico label.
Do The Mutton!
This is Susan Kohner (The Gene Krupa Story, All The Fine Young Cannibals, Freud) playing Kick-The-Lamb or something in a publicity still from Imitation of Life (1959). I'd like to think those are cool jazz LPs on the floor, but they could be Rock & Roll records. I think that in 1959, most Rock & Roll was the stuff of 45 RPM records. Being that it was 1959, they could also be Calypso or Cha Cha. I haven't seen Imitation of Life in a while, and it will be a long, long time before I ever see it again. Susan Kohner may be about to kick the lamb, because she's frustrated about being multiracial in a weird little family with an ass-less Lana Turner and an annoyingly white Sandra Dee. Starlet Kohner herself was Mexican and Czech. She very sensibly left Hollywood after a 10-year career, raised a family, and had a life. She still does, in fact.
There is a strange, cluttered Myspace page about Susan Kohner HERE.

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Don't forget...Brooke Bundy got a spanking in a Gidget episode.