Sixties Doll Barbara Parkins

Do you remember Barbara Parkins? No?
Well, why should you? She hasn't done anything
in a long, long time. Starlet Showcase never
forgets. Well, almost never.

Here's Barbara Parkins with her friend Sharon Tate and
co-star Patty Duke in Valley of the Dolls. Awful 60s movie.
You can watch a Valley of the Dolls trailer HERE.


Anonymous said...

I definitely remember Barbara Parkins. Absolutely gorgeous. I remember her on a Leave it to Beaver episode where she played his babysitter. He was 13 at the time and balked at having a babysitter, even when she showed up. Now when I was 13 if my parents had lined up Barbara Parkins to babysit me I would have thanked them for the rest of my life!

I even sat through Valley of the Dolls just to watch her. While Sharon Tate was obviously beautiful, Barbara was my favorite.


Anonymous said...

Barbara Parkins, prorompente avvenenza

C. Parker said...

Apparently that translates as "gushing attractiveness." Okay, I'll buy that.

Anonymous said...

Cute Lady

Anonymous said...

Earlier this evening, TV Land showed the "Leave It To Beaver" episode with Barbara guest starring as Beaver's babysitter. I had never seen her before; too young to remember her, I guess. But I'll never forget her, now. She was one hot chick!

Anonymous said...

She was amazing to watch and her voice is something else - most under-rated actress. ***** from me LOVED HER!

Anonymous said...

Of course I remember her. I have beeen in love with her since Peyton Place. May 22 was her birthday. I hope she is well.

twd56 said...

This lady exsuded a smokey sexuality that still gets to me. The first Playboy that i ws able to swipe from my dad was the one of her pulling up her sweater just showing her left breast and her tummy. Just saw it again after what... thirty five years still has the same effect!