Style Tip #5

Claudia Cardinale in really silly goggles.
Goggles, so-called "safety glasses," and other kinds of protective eyewear are only to shield your vision from a harmful work environment. They are NOT for casual, semi-formal, or formal wear.
Don't do the Samba in goggles.
Do NOT Wear goggles:
1.) on a first date.
2.) to a spouse's funeral.
3.) to the Academy Awards ceremony.
4.) in church.
5.) to court.
6.) when you're not working on something hazardous.
7.) in bed.
8.) when you're sitting for a portrait painting.
9.) unless you still live in the 1970s.
Goggle-style glasses from the 1970s.
If you Google "goggles," they might ask you if you really mean "Google."
See how much better you can look without goggles?

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