Transcending Noir Motif Thingies

Mischa Auer
I read a review of the 1952 Barbara Stanwyck film
Clash By Night at FilmsNoir.
HIS picture of Barbara Stanwyck.
It says: "Clash by Night (1952) from Fritz Lang transcends film noir in a neo-realist melodrama that turns the film noir motif upside down and inside out. Sexual abandon and existential entitlement are put on trial and found empty."
Whoa! WHO farted?
Robert Mitchum and Claire Trevor must be spinning in their graves.
All I gotta say is Barbara Stanwyck looks a $hitload better here than she does on that blog.
OUR picture of Babs.
So there!
Can't wait for his syncretic analysis of Jayne Mansfield's Neo-Tribalism.
The F#^K???
For more of this kind of spastic intellectual self-abuse, try Senses of Cinema, film-philosophy, or the appropriately named Drain site.
Detective Lieutenant Frank Bullitt.
I've got a mental image of a sexually ambivalent French art history student sitting in his New York loft apartment full of books on Kierkegaard, and he's got an image of me in a mobile home with a wheelchair ramp, a Nazi flag on the refrigerator, and a Rottweiler named Thor. And I'm sure we're both wrong.
Anyway, to quote Frank Bullitt, "You work your side of the street, and I'll work mine."

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