Cross-Category Pictures

Britt Ekland
Smokers & No Pants.
Carol Lynley and Pamela Tiffin, probably from The Pleasure Seekers.
Girl-Girl & Car Girls.
Shirley Knight on the right in House of Women.
Groups & Gun Girls.
Michele Mercier
Telephones & No Pants.
Ona Munson and Gene Tierney in The Shanghai Gesture.
Girl-Girl & Silvery.
This last one is a still from Josef von Sternberg's 1941 film The Shanghai Gesture, which people tend to really love or really hate. You decide. Me, I liked it. It's very smoky and very black & white. The New York Times reviewer said it "reminds me of an argument I once had with the mother of my second wife" and described Gene Tierney's performance as "a fair imitation of a second lead in a boarding-school play." Another critic said something like, "Miss Tierney's performance has all the intensity of a teenage girl shouting for another milkshake at Schwab's" or words to that effect. Anyway, the movie is about gambling and depravity and whores and sin and ruin and intense clouds of cigarette smoke, and everybody should watch it at least once.

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Gorgeus Gals in that car !!