Low-Fat Angela Lansbury

For those of you who only remember
actress Angela Lansbury as the plump and
elderly Jessica Fletcher from the television
show Murder, She Wrote, here are some
pictures of her in younger, thinner days.

Above is from Samson and Delilah (1949),
where Angela Lansbury's figure puts Hedy
Lamarr's figure to shame.

Angie with Victor Mature in S&D.

These vidcaps are from the thriller A Life at
Stake (1954), which along with Please Murder
Me (1956), is public domain and can probably
be watched online somewhere.

I think the portrait above is from The Picture
of Dorian Gray (1945).

Who knew, right?


Campaspe said...

I'm pretty sure that last shot is from The Harvey Girls. The Dorian Gray still is beautiful! she was heartbreaking in that role, so fragile and vulnerable. It came right after her very nasty and sinister turn in Gaslight so it showed a lot of versatility.

She was a gorgeous youngster, but I always liked her unapologetically normal aging on MSW. It was and remains really refreshing, so much better than looking at some wretched imitation of long-ago youth.

Anonymous said...

Oh, she is beautiful!
She is amazing! I have seen it for the first time in a serial about murders, it very charming and vigorous. HERE has found by Google your blog. Thanks you! On young photos it simply beauty and a miracle! What huge eyes! At it a beautiful face. And it such harmonous! I am fan from Ukraine.

C. Parker said...

Добро пожаловать. Прочитайте архивохранилище. Много фотоснимок.

Anonymous said...

it is so great to see someone else appriciating angela's beauty and acting ability. she is and always will be my favorite....

JohnnyFox said...

Even at pushing 84, she's still got something ... saw her on Broadway on Sunday in 'Blithe Spirit', will blog about it shortly. Although I don't think she suits ginger plaits ;-)

Anonymous said...

The picture of her with the cat is stunning! Great cat theme on this page akshuly.

Mrs. Lovely said...

I don't consider her to be "plump" as JB Fletcher. She was in her 60s for the majority of the show and I think she looked pretty trim/healthy.

I stumbled here from Google!

Anonymous said...

I have her murder she wrote dvds and I keep watching them. I think she is a brilliant actress. I looked her up out of curiosity on google.

Anonymous said...

i watched murder she wrote and i thought she looked good for her age, not plump at all. i figured she would of looked good in younger years thus why i looked her up on google :)I love her acting

Anonymous said...

I've never thought of angela lansbury as in any way "plump" but say what you'd like I suppose.

I've been a literally life long fan of hers (grew up on Murder, She Wrote.) and I was lucky enough to see her recently in A Little Night Music on broadway. She truly is spectacular.

At 84 her voice is still enough to almost bring tears to a man's [or at least to this man's] eyes.

Anonymous said...


i think angela is a anazing women i am 16 years old and from the age of 14 she has been my role model i think the first pic is a stunning pic i would love to look like that now and i think she looks fab at her age now..

if i ever achieve what she has by her age i would be so proud of myself.

i envy her, i think she is the best ledgend ever and i could never ever forget her.

i also have the whole collection the whole 12 seasons of murder she wrote i think she looks fab in it xxx

Anonymous said...

Wow I love Angela Lansbury!! Funny I never, ever think of her as "Plump". I actually think she has aged very gracefully and admire the way she has not chosen to nip, tuck, and suck as many aging celebrities have done. Even in Murder, She Wrote she had a nice figure for her age. Angela is classy and beautiful. Love her:)

MagnetiCat said...

Beautiful photos... but Angela Lansbury "plump" in Murder, She Wrote. Watch again... probably one of the most beautiful and in good shape ladies on TV, ever. Man, are you blind?

Anonymous said...

I agree. I never thought she looked plump. I adore her and think she's aged gracefully.