Happy Birthday, Pamela Reed

Pamela Reed
Actress Pamela Reed was born in
Tacoma, Washington. She has a husky,
sexy voice and really big eyes. In her
third movie, The Long Riders (1980),
she played Belle Starr as a tough and
sexy broad. My favorite Pamela Reed
role is Nurse Norine Sprockett in the
the 1982 comedy Young Doctors in
Love. Her transformation from cranky
Miss Sprockett to the vivacious Norine
is really something to behold. If you're
the type who likes Airplane! and Naked
Gun movies, you'll probably enjoy Young
Doctors in Love. And, if you like westerns,
well, The Long Riders is surprisingly good.
The lovely Miss Reed also appears in a
television show called Jericho, which
I've never seen. Alas. . .
Pamela Reed
Happy birthday, Pam!

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