The Three-Day Mah Jong Game

I'm not a gamer. I don't play run-and-shoot games.

I don't play build-an-empire and rule-the-world
types of games.
I hate ancient mystery games.

I play Spider Solitaire, of course, and Mah Jong.
Actually, I play the MJWin version of Mah Jong,
which is really Mahjong solitaire, which is also
known as Shanghai solitaire. In any case, I play
with the "Medieval" tile set, which has really
obvious shields and swords and banners and
stained glass windows and bows and arrows and
buxom half-dressed damsels in distress waving
from far parapets, wait, wait, I made that up,
I'm just joking. No, so, anyway, the Medieval
tile set has all that stuff, except for the
damsels in distress part, and the tiles are
easy to see and not too hard to match, and I
think that tile set is also known as the
Feebleminded Boring White Guy Tile Set.
So I play Mah Jong until I freakin' win.
That's all there is to it. I play until I
win. Or I give up. Basically. But that's
a hard and fast rule with me. Win or give
up. There's no in-between ground. Anyway,
I just got done playing, losing, replaying,
and re-losing a Mah Jong game for three
days. I mean not three solid days. I went
to work. Went to bed. Ate breakfast. Changed
the cat box. That sort of thing. Sure. But
otherwise, I was playing that one stupid
game. And I finally won. Ta-Dah!
Boy, was I glad. It was starting to really
PI$$ me off. Anyway, that's how I've been
wasting my life.
Robert Mitchum, believe it or not.
What an idiot!

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