Happy Birthday, Anna And Anny

Anna Marie Alberghetti
May 15th is Anna Marie Alberghetti's birthday.
(It's Anny Ondra's birthday, too, but we pretty
well took care of her last month.) Anyway, here
are the best Anna Marie Alberghetti pictures
I've found. You, of course, remember her from
that one spectacularly jazzy dance scene near the
end of the otherwise lame-oh 1960 Jerry Lewis
movie Cinderfella, right? You don't?
Okay, well, if YouTube is working, here it is. And
try to ignore that moron in the red jacket.

Isn't she lovely?
Imagine trying to dance in that dress.
Just imagine trying to hold your own while
sharing the screen with that show-off.
Anna Marie Alberghetti
Anna Marie Alberghetti
Anna Marie Alberghetti
Happy birthday, Anna and Anny.

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