Happy Birthday, Maureen O'Sullivan

May 17th is Maureen O'Sullivan's birthday.
The MGM Tarzan movies are to Maureen O'Sullivan
what King Kong was to Fay Wray
....and what The Best Years of Our Lives was
to Cathy O'Donnell
....and what Pretty Poison was to Tuesday Weld
....and what Dr. No was to Ursula Andress
....and what The Nutty Professor was to Stella
....and what Fast Times At Ridgemont High was
to Phoebe Cates
....and what Metropolis was to Brigitte Helm
....and what The Abominable Dr. Phibes was to
Virginia North
....and what The Best Years of Our Lives was
to Teresa Wright
....and what Out of The Past was to Jane Greer.
The list goes on and on.
My point is (and my train of thought has run
completely off the rails by now), I always
think of "Jane" when someone mentions Maureen
Hey, it just appeals to the jungle beast in all of us.

Happy birthday, Jane. . .uh. . .Maureen.

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