There are several great pictures of Veronica Lake, the "Peekaboo Girl," over at Vintage Photographs. That's a great site. I don't really like Veronica Lake that much, but I love her in Sullivan's Travels (1941), This Gun for Hire (1942), I Married a Witch (1942), So Proudly We Hail! (1943), and The Blue Dahlia (1946). She ended up in several dumb movies, drank herself sick, and worked as a waitress or barmaid toward the end of her days. I think I read in Edith Head's Hollywood (NY: Dutton, 1983) that Edith liked designing for Veronica, because she was so petite (4'11"). She's what some guys would call "a spinner." Go over to the Vintage Photographs site and check out the pictures, but hurry back.

This last one is my favorite scene from Sullivan's Travels.

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