Happy Birthday, Luciana Paluzzi

Luciana Paluzzi
June 10th is Luciana Paluzzi's birthday.
You remember Luciana of course from
Muscle Beach Party (1964) and Thunderball
(1965). I saw her in a 2002 documentary
called Bond Girls Are Forever, and she
looked really, really good. And many of
the other Bond girls looked really, really
B-A-D on that show. She has also been
billed as Lucianna Paluzzi Solomon,
Lucianna Paluzzi, and Luciana Paoluzzi.
And then there are the common misspellings
in Google Search and eBay auctions that
put it as Pulazzi or Palussi or Puluzzi.
Luciana was previously featured in this
Starlet Showcase post from February.
Luciana Paluzzi
Luciana Paluzzi
Luciana Paluzzi
Luciana Paluzzi
Happy birthday, Luciana.


Tristram Halbin said...

Thanks from this Luciana lover! The fourth pic down is from 'Green Slime', one of the schlockiest sci-fi films ever. Your site is a favorite of mine--where do you find all of these amazing photos? Terrific!!

C. Parker said...

Glad you like them. It's a lot of work sometimes. "Labor of love," I suppose you'd call it.

Captain Incredible said...

Ms Paluzzi also appeared in the 3rd (!) pilot for The Six Million Dollar Man, "Solid Gold Kidnapping" as an agent for a supra-national organisation bent on world domination...