Ann Dusenberry & Big 80s Hair

Ann Dusenberry
Ann Dusenberry
This is Ann Dusenberry in a dreadfully bad 1985
military sex comedy called Basic Training.
The production company was Playboy Entertainment
Group, if that gives you any idea. Anyway, this
Walk-to-Work scene is the only reason ever to
watch this movie. In Britain it was entitled
Up The Military, and the Not Safe For Work
trailer is on YouTube HERE.
A much better Ann Dusenberry experience is the
1981 movie Cutter's Way (aka Cutter and Bone).
The YouTube trailer is HERE, and it IS safe for work.
It was filmed in Santa Barbara, back when I lived
there. A friend of mine was in a crowd scene in the
beginning, but I think he ended upon the cutting
room floor.
So. . .
1.) Ann Dusenberry has a nice walk.
2.) Skip Basic Training.
3.) Watch Cutter's Way, which features Jeff
Bridges and John Heard.
4.) That is all. Carry on.
Ann Dusenberry
Gotta love that 80s hair.
Ann Dusenberry


Tommy said...

What ever happened to her?

C. Parker said...

Beats me. Last entry in the IMDb is 1992.

D.B. Echo said...

You get to see quite a bit of her in the "Success Wanters" segment of National Lampoon Goes to the Movies.

Francis Hendry, Glasgow, Scotland said...

I liked her in Jaws 2. Her acting was a little bit over the top, mind you!

Anonymous said...

She's married to composer Brad Fiedel, with two grown-up kids. She got an MA in Psychology, and lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she did some stage acting in the 90s and now works as a theater director and producer.


C. Parker said...

Thanks, Anonymous.