Art Deco Day

It's Art Deco day here at Starlet Showcase.
But don't forget to visit the real art deco
champion at artdecoblog.


Valentina said...

Hello, I'm an Italian girl. I'm working on a d├ęco project and I would put in it the photo of Norma Talmadge. Where can I find a better resolution? Thank you,

C. Parker said...

Don't know, Valentina. That's as good as I've got. Try Google Image Search or eBay. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Im a gcse student of art and i am focusing on the art deco period, these images have been a brilliant help.
Just wanted to say thanks for the amazing pictures.

Anonymous said...

What's the name of that art deco movie with the swimmers?

Hels said...

I normally think that films follow other art forms and don't lead them, except in the case of Deco. There was something so special about the glamorous films then, and something so awful about the Depression that films must have dominated peoples' thinking.

Many thanks for a great link