Pascale Petit, French Doll

Pascale Petit
For those of you out there who think that
I know everything there is to know about
starlets (and I'm sure there are some
borderline developmentally disabled
8-year-olds who think just that), I will
be the first one to admit when I have
somehow overlooked a delicious starlet
specimen like Pascale Petit. And how that
happened, I'll never know. Except maybe
that she was born in Paris, and almost all
her films are in French, and I don't speak
a word of French (except for that merde
word), and she was on the covers of all
the magazines of Europe in the late 1950s
and early 60s, and I hardly ever subscribed
to those magazines when I was 4 years old,
and it's really just too complicated to explain.
But here she is. And I'll try to keep an eye out
for other pictures of her. . .like I do with Romy
Schneider and Mylene Demongeot. So what
the hell is it about French girls anyway (and
I know Romy wasn't born in France)? Is it
those full careless lips? Is it that devil-may-
care attitude? Is it that I'm-so-bored look?
Is it their carefree hair? Or WHAT?
Pascale Petit
Pascale Petit
Pascale Petit
(There is also a "Pascale Petit" who is a poet, but
she was born in 1953 and is not the right one, if
you are so inclined as to Google the name.)
Pascale Petit

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