Delicious Janet Margolin

Janet Margolin
Janet Margolin is a tasty treat.
Janet Margolin
Janet Margolin
Janet Margolin
Janet Margolin
Look at those eyes. Mmmmm.


Chick Young said...

The very first Woody Allen film I saw was Take The Money and Run, probably sometime around 1976 or 1977 on TV. I remember - even then - developing a crush on her. We lost her too soon. Thanks for this fine post Parker.

C. Parker said...

I left out her appearance in BUONO SERA, MRS. CAMPBELL from 1968, because she's sort of overshadowed by Gina Lollobrigida and Lee Grant. And, yes, we lost her way too soon.

CarolMR said...


Anonymous said...

I'd love to be able to see her early television work as well as all the movies that she was in that all the networks, cable and otherwise seem to refuse to run. It's like there's a hex on her with very little info on her available even on the internet. This is so frustrating as well as being a shame. She was so lovely, as well as being a wonderful actress, my favorite, as a matter of fact.

Gordon said...

A great beauty.....radiant and ethereal..

Bissage said...

I watched "Take the Money and Run" last night and found your site looking for photos of Janet Margolin.

Yes, I was smitten.

I never understood why so many guys go for the phony hot chick types.

Me? I like nice.

Call it a weakness.

mark said...

I was seven years old and saw her accross the mess hall in Camp Merrimac; this ethereal beauty was a little older and we were both very shy. Our older sisters introduced us and she became my first girlfriend and muse for the rest of my life.
Yes she was as sweet, gentle and magnificent as the gem she grew into. I will always love her.

"Sunshine Sam" Klein (a "Jewish Sufi") said...

I read all the "Tributes" to her above, and I never knew so many other men, LOVED HER, as their "Muse"!
In my film-watching "career", I have had "3 Major Muses": JENNIFER O'NEIL, JANET MARGOLIN, & KIM NOVAK. I am still in "Love" with "all 3 of them" till this day- for their sweetness, humor, spirituality, and femininity. I believe they are all "Truly Nice" in actual-reality as they are in my "Fantasy". Does anyone else feel this way, too? Peace & Love, "Sunshine Sam"