Happy Birthday, Martha Hyer

Martha Hyer
August 10th is Martha Hyer's birthday.
Me, I liked her in Down Three Dark Streets
(1954), Once Upon a Horse (1958), Desire in
The Dust (1960), and The Right Approach
(1961). She's a little less of a stiff, ice cold
blonde in those than she was in Sabrina
(1954), Mister Cory (1957), and Houseboat
(1958). She married Hal Wallis and retired
around 1974. But she's still with us.
Martha Hyer
Martha Hyer
Martha Hyer
Martha Hyer
Happy birthday, Martha.

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C. Jerry Kutner said...

You didn't name either of the two films I associate her with: Some Came Running and First Men in the Moon.

Her uptight Some Came Running performance inspired Fassbinder's Martha