Make My Day

Veronica Lake
Day Two of a long week.
I stopped into a coffee shop and bought
a large cup of brain-slamming dark roast.
The sign said, "Pitch Black." There was
a young woman in line in front of me,
about 27 or so. She was wearing a sun dress.
With spaghetti straps. And flat sandals.
Not flip-flops but rope-soled sandals, if
that's the right term for them. And very
tan. With earrings. And sort of blondish
hair, which set off the tan nicely.
Sometimes you feel like you want to fall
down on your knees and thank women for
taking the time to wear a dress...and
earrings...and so on. It certainly
brightened up my day. The Pitch Black
coffee did the rest. Femininity is not a
crime. Nor is it a sign of weakness.
It's just cool. And it sparkles.

Personally speaking, I wished that she was
twenty years older maybe, so we'd actually
have something to talk about. And she might
step outside for a quick smoke. But her
lighter wouldn't work. And then...

Well, I had to get back to work.
But I'll leave you with some cute dresses.
Ann Rutherford
Lilli Palmer
Piper Laurie
Rosita Moreno

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