Mary Ann Mobley Turns Her Head

Mary Ann Mobley
Mary Ann Mobley
Mary Ann Mobley
Mary Ann Mobley turns her head in the "Old Man Out"
episode of Mission: Impossible (1966). And I faint dead
away with joy.
Mary Ann Mobley
(She's slightly cockeyed, like Laraine Day, but she's got
that great Phoebe Cates eye thing going for her.)


Chick Young said...

My friend, you'll have to let me know what to call you as I intend to post regularly on this blog. In fact, for the huge number of hits this site receives, there is a CRIMINALLY low number of comments! I only found your site last week but have linked to it, so I hope some of my internet buds frequent your amazing site.

I could comment on any great number of posts (especially the Natalie Wood ones, she's my all time fave...) but I chose this particular one because it is a good example of our commonalities. I freakin' love Mary Ann Mobley. Always did. Thank God for the Match Game re-runs! Super hottie and super cute, and super sweet. About the only thing I have with her on DVD is Harum Scarum (which I bought MORE for Fran Jeffries, Mary Ann was bonus gravy). Love this post - love all your posts.

Cheers man, thanks for this truly great site. You'll see me around frequently.

C. Parker said...

Everybody just calls me "Parker." Mary Ann Mobley's appearances in GIRL HAPPY, MY DOG THE THIEF, THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E., and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE are also available on DVD. But, for a throbbing good time, get a bootleg copy of her appearances in the 1963 TV show BURKE'S LAW. Glad you're enjoying the blog.

Anonymous said...

Just saw Mary Ann Mobley as the defendant in an old Perry Mason episode. I was so impressed with her that I had to google her career. She was blonde on the show but I see she often played brunette. Very nice girl back then. Way back then. I wonder if she is still alive. I will read further. Nobody like her these days, for sure.

Michel said...

Truly lovely. I would not have been able to tell her name but her face seems familiar somehow - I might have seen her on some show on french tv decades ago ... Same kind of loveliness as Claude Jade.