PJ Saturday

Rhonda Fleming
We use a lot of American slang here at Starlet Showcase, which must be a nightmare for those of you from places like Brazil, Japan, India, and Miami. The words "PJs" and "jammies" are slang for pajamas, which are sleepwear, assuming that you wear clothes to bed, which assumes that you even sleep in a bed, not on a mat or under a bridge or something. We in the United States figure that the whole world is exactly like us, and they sleep in warm jammies in between clean sheets on a mattress over a box spring in a furnished second floor apartment with a girlfriend named Linda or a boyfriend named Mike and a two-year-old Toyota parked in the alley out back and routine inner city gunfire in the night. That sort of thing. We perhaps wrongly assume that everyone on the planet has a phone charger on their night stand, a large screen TV in their bedroom, and handcuffs on the bedpost. (I am certainly guilty of making such middle class assumptions.) Anyway, "PJs" are "pajamas," which are also called nightgowns, nighties, chemises, kimonos, lounge wear, sleepshirts, babydolls, lingerie, negligee, nightdresses, and Fruit of the Loom briefs. And that is why this post is called "PJ Saturday."
(This is NOT the place to learn English.)
Sonya Wilde
Angie Dickinson
(Enough of this global sensitivity stuff. Back to
the usual hubba-hubba material.)

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