Really Spooky!

So I'm watching the 2002 John Woo movie Windtalkers last night, right? And Nicolas Cage is wandering around, looking strung out and burnt out and worn out, like he has for a decade, and this Navy nurse appears, to add a little color and femininity to the proceedings, and I fall out of my friggin' chair. The name of the actress escapes me momentarily, but I'm thinking, Holy Cow, she still looks great! And there are a lot of explosions, and the Japanese lose the war, okay? And the credits roll. And I see that the nurse, Rita, is played by someone named Frances O'Conner. That must be wrong, I think. The part of nurse Rita was played by that really cute actress from the movies Suspiria (1977) and My Favorite Year (1982). You know, the one, right? I have to look it up on the IMDb.
Jessica Harper!
Yeah, that's it. I Image-Google both names and, sure as sh!t, they're twins. And I'm not the only one who thinks so. Apparently, some guy from Hollywood Confidential noticed that four years ago. It even says they look alike in the IMDb. I am, so, like out of date on this. Jeez!
So. . . Hasn't anyone in Hollywoodland yet figured out the dramatic possibilities of having two actresses who look so much alike but are of completely separate generations? And I don't mean just mother-daughter roles. I mean, like a bio-pic of, say, Zelda Fitzgerald with Frances O'Connor playing the youthful part and Jessica Harper playing the older, schizophrenic part. Or something about a time machine, where Nicolas Cage plays a burnt out, hard-drinking mad scientist, and John Woo blows up the mad scientist's laboratory with CGI effects, and they create a Frankenstein-like creature, and name him "Woody Allen." And, of course, they create a bride for the monster. And the creature grows old with Jessica Harper, but then, POW! She changes into Frances O'Connor. And she's young again. And Woody Frankenstein marries her, but he keeps getting older and older and weirder, and she just looks great. Right? Something cool like that. It would be better than just recycling Batman plots, wouldn't it?
Alas, I digress.
Jessica Harper is still around and still acting.
Frances O'Connor looks just like her. Which is spooky.
And both of them look great.
Frances O'Connor
Jessica Harper
Zelda Fitzgerald
(Okay, so Frances O'Connor and Jessica Harper don't look
like Zelda Fitzgerald, right? But no one remembers what
Zelda looked like, okay? So it might work.)


Estase said...

Jessica Harper is, I think, one of the most beautiful women ever to appear in movies.

Anonymous said...

I do agree, she is so lovely in Suspiria !!!