Hot Sweety (and Sweaty) Lois Nettleton

Lois Nettleton
Okay, no, so anyway, I'm watching a Route 66 second season episode called The Opponent, which is about a washed-up boxer (Darren McGavin), his trainer (Ed Asner with hair), and his girlfriend, right? And I recognize the girlfriend right off, but I can't place her name. So I run back through the credits, and I find "Lois Nettleton," which I don't snap to right away. And I Google her name and come up with a few pictures. So I run it through the IMDb and see that she passed away just last January (which I obviously missed), and that she appeared in a whole bunch of Sixties TV shows like The Twilight Zone, Naked City, The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, The Fugitive, Bonanza, Gunsmoke, and The F.B.I. And I'm sorry I somehow missed her passing. Her birthday was August 6th, and I missed that, too. But here she is, and she's certainly not forgotten.
Lois Nettleton
Lois Nettleton
Lois Nettleton
Lois Nettleton


CarolMR said...

Always loved Lois. Underrated actress. She should have been more famous than she was.

I was just reading a story about Dolores Hart (now a nun). They starred in an Elvis Presley movie together and were still friends right up until Lois' death.

C. Parker said...

Where'd ya read it? What're ya reading?

CarolMR said...

c.parker, I read it on www.deacbench.blogspot.com. I don't know how to link (sorry). Just scroll down the page until you come to the post called "The nun who kissed Elvis."

MaX said...

So very, very beautiful, check
out the pix of her at the 06
Twilight Zone reunion festival
at the TZone meuseum site.

Even at or very near the age of
80, still absolutely stunning.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful human being..may she rest in peace...!