Night World (1932)

Universal Pictures
Mae Clarke, Lew Ayres, Boris Karloff.
Universal Pictures: 58 minutes.
Mae Clarke
Mae Clarke
Boris Karloff
"The wrong people always likes the wrong people."
--Tim the Doorman
Mae Clarke
Mae ClarkeBoris Karloff
Keywords: bootlegger, booze, bullets, Busby Berkeley, chorus girl,
dancer, drunk, gangster, Karloff, mother, murder, New York,
nightclub, pistol, pre-Code, prohibition, revolver, Times Square,
Universal Pictures.
(Not yet on DVD.)


Anonymous said...

Is this available on DVD or VHS?

I'd love to see it, the reviews on-line make it sound very interesting!

Thanks for a great blog. Eye candy galore!

Jools said...

Hey, any idea where I could find a download for this film?