Sad-Eyed Sylvia Sidney

Sylvia Sidney
So I'm watching an episode of Route 66 from
1961, and suddenly Sylvia Sidney appears as
a cute old lady, who also happens to be an
alcoholic and an aging B-girl. She must have
been about 51 years old. And certainly still
a marvelous actress. They said she had "the
saddest eyes in Hollywood."
Sylvia Sidney
"I'd be the girl of the gangster...then the sister
who was bringing up the gangster...then the
mother of the gangster...and they always had
me ironing somebody's shirt."
Sylvia Sidney
Sylvia Sidney


Iconista said...

You are fast becoming my favourite blog. Great pictures, no endless screed of tedious opinion, just a few well chosen words. Thank you.

C. Parker said...

Well, it's either "a few well chosen words," or else I'm lazy. I really like your phrase "endless screed of tedious opinion." Wish I'd thought of it.

Iconista said...

"You will, Oscar, you will." ;)