Group Think #6

Lines of half-dressed Hollywood starlets
φετίχ γαιδάρων αυτοκτονίας που ξυλίζει hollywood τους γλουτούς
Lignes des starlettes moitié-habillées de Hollywood
Linien der Hälfte-gekleideten Hollywood-Starlets
фетиш осла суицида шлепая женское бельё Hollywood
Líneas de actrices jóvenes mitad-vestidas de Hollywood
Lijnen van helft-geklede filmsterretjes Hollywood
Hollywood 란제리를 때리는 자살 나귀 물신
Linee di attricette metà-vestite di Hollywood
What's interesting about this last photo is how the
retouching work isn't finished. The darkroom artist
has "dodged" white clouds into the upper corners
to obscure the edges of the sky backdrop, but the
print hasn't yet been cropped. It's probably time
to get a longer backdrop or send a couple of these
girls home to Omaha or Oxnard. (Cold but true.)

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