A Comment about Comments

Clark Kent
Your comments, even brief rants, are okay. Links to porn sites are not. Comments that try to get me to somehow like Jean Harlow are futile. Corrections to photo captions and names are appreciated. If you know that I've misidentified a starlet, let me know. Please. But don't tell me who they aren't, if you can't provide the correct name of who they really are. Don't send links to commercial sites, if you can help it. If you really, really like, say, Julie Andrews or Joan Bennett, go out and create your own Julie Andrews or Joan Bennett sites. Yelling at me isn't going to do any of us any good. Comments from "Anonymous" are all right, but I usually just delete the long, contentious ones. Life is too short to argue with Mister Anonymous. If a comment contains a link to a profile or a blog, I usually check these out beforehand and eliminate those that I find offensive or hateful or overly commercial or whatever. I screen comments, of course. I've seen other blogs with unscreened comments, and the number of truly disturbed individuals out there is astounding sometimes. The world is full of crazy people. If you don't see a starlet you like, make your own blog. I don't "do requests," but I appreciate "suggestions." And, remember, if you don't see what you like here or don't like what you see, you can always click elsewhere. The Internet is like television that way, you can always just turn it off and go read a good book. Starlet Showcase is what it is. And you can take it or leave it, right? And, whatever you do, don't send me any phone numbers or pictures of your "friend" in her birthday suit.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like the crazy's I get on myspace...requesting pics of my feet!!!lol!!!