Harem Holiday

I woke up with the Harem Holiday song in my head.
Don't ya just hate when that happens? It's like
having a song by ABBA or Neil Diamond or
The Carpenters stuck in your head. Uh, I mean,
assuming you don't actually adore songs by The
Carpenters, Neil Diamond, or ABBA.

Gonna travel, gonna travel wild and free
I'm gonna pack my bags because
this great big world is calling me
Every pretty girl's gonna know I'm around
They're gonna know I'm in town on a harem holiday

Twenty women, twenty women by my side
I'm gonna kiss them all,
because I've gotta keep 'em satisfied
Gonna have the best time money can buy
I'm gonna be flying high on a harem holiday

If Romeo had a harem holiday
You can bet that Juliet would have
never been his girl forever

Gonna go back, gonna catch that midnight plane
Twenty dancing girls are waiting
just to call my name
Gonna have a ball, I ain't gonna waste no time
I'm gonna make 'em all mine on a harem holiday

Here's a lot more information than you'll ever
need about Harum Scarum, aka Harem Holiday.
(Okay, yeah, I know that's not actually Neil
Diamond on the video linked above, but I
thought it was a clever little item, and I just
love the backup singer in the little black dress,
the one who can't keep time. Adorable.)

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