Creamy Debbie Reynolds Weekend #1

Debbie Reynolds
Welcome to the very first
Creamy Debbie Reynolds Weekend
featuring that creamy dreamy
dancing, prancing, good egg,
energetic girl nextdoor and
all-around swell spinner girl
of yesteryear.
Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds
Debbie Reynolds
. . .and she's a Texas girl, too.


Howard of Hollywood said...

Debbie Renolds is a doll even if she did whop a friend of mine with her purse one time. Oh, well. And Arlene Golonka -- great chick. A real babe. Do you know she hangs around the Playboy Mansion -- or used to? Va Va Voom.

Gloria said...

Debbie's the greatest! I so wish she was still on the silver screen. Alas, I must be content to watch her old movies over and over again.