Mister Buddwing (1966)

Mister Buddwing (1966)
(aka Woman Without a Face)

Directed by Delbert Mann.
Suzanne Pleshette, Katharine Ross, Jean Simmons, Angela Lansbury, James Garner, Jack Gilford, Raymond St. Jacques. (Music by Kenyon Hopkins.)
MGM: 100 minutes.

We could analyze amnesia as a perilous plot device. We could discuss pre-Hour of the Gun James Garner or post-Spartacus Jean Simmons, Katharine Ross before The Graduate or Angela Lansbury after The Manchurian Candidate. Then there's dice-playing Nichelle Nichols before she was Lieutenant Uhura on Star Trek. And the whole thing about a lost man trying to find "Grace." We could examine Mr. Buddwing as another Josef K. character lost in a bureaucracy of romance and needy women.

We'll just look at the pictures.

The TCM site has a promotional short and a clip

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Great clip of New York City. Thanks.