Angel Baby?

Salome Jens
This is Salome Jens in Angel Baby (1961).
I haven't seen it. Salome's co-star is George Hamilton,
who I often think of as basically some sort of diseased
toad. Regardless. It looks interesting. The only Salome
Jens film I have ever seen is Seconds (1966) with Rock
Hudson, where everybody gets drunk and stomps grapes
to make wine and loses their past and jeopardizes their
future. It's a scary movie on several levels. Seconds has
95 User Comments at the IMDb, by the way. I have
probably seen Salome Jens on television, but don't
remember her specifically. Her appearances include
Naked City, The Untouchables, The Rat Patrol, I Spy,
Bonanza, Gunsmoke, McMillan & Wife (with Hudson
again), Kojak, Barnaby Jones, Quincy M.E., Cagney &
Lacey, The Wonder Years, and L.A. Law.
Salome Jens
Salome Jens
Salome Jens
Salome Jens


Howard of Hollywood said...

Salome Jens is a fine lady and a wonderful artist. I remember her when she did a reading at a convention sponsored by the California Arts Council. She and others read from a play that was secretly written and produced in peoples' living rooms when the Checz were under the Russians' thumb. To produce them in public would have meant everybody would have been thrown in jail. The playwright later became the president of a free Chekosolovkia.

Kassandra said...

great blog! my searches keep sending me to your entries! i love old hollywood (and otherwise) stars...bios, autobios, films...you provide entertaining and insightful photos!

pixelsword said...

She also plays the female shapeshifter on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Anonymous said...

Lovely Salome! If you were, indeed, born in the 'fifties, you surely must recall her from the Outer Limits episode "Corpus Earthling", co-starring with Robert Culp.

sabo76 said...

Just watched The Outer Limits episode during which I kept wondering "Is that Saolme Jens?". I googles her and this brought me to your site. Love old Hollywood and will be back often. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Salome Jens is one of the finest actresses in America! I saw her in a play a few years ago where the opening moment required her to stand at the edge of the stage, presumably looking out at the ocean. A friend remarked, "My God, she was so present I could smell the salt air. I swear I could see her hair moving in the wind." She is also a much admired and beloved teacher at UCLA. A great artist!