Olive Borden Online

Olive Borden
I really enjoy it when someone invests a lot of time,
research, and obvious love to create a web site for
one special actress like Olive Borden Online.
Olive Borden
Olive Borden
I wish more people would do it.


Jack R said...

This is great. I've long been a fan of her, and this site has such fabulous rare photos. Thanks for sharing this!!

C. Parker said...

You're very welcome. That's what I'm here for.

Anonymous said...

I'm actually writing the first book (biography and filmography) on Olive Borden.

Olive Borden: Hollywood's "Joy Girl" - will be available sometime in 2010.


Michelle Vogel


Michelle said...


Frances said...

I love Olive Borden!!! She is my all-time favorite silent star. Olive had a timeless beauty and a personality that lit up the screen. She was also a very talented actress who could do comedies or dramas equally well. In real life Olive was a loving daughter and a free spirit who epitomized the flapper generation. Her tragic death in a homeless shelter shows us how fleeting fame can be and it makes those rare performances she gave us even more special. Sadly many of Olive's films have been lost and she has been forgotten. Thanks to the internet more people are discovering her and a few of her films are available. I encourage everyone to watch an Olive Borden movie because you will be a fan for life. There is no other star that really compares to Olive.....she was unforgettable :-)