They had faces then. . .

Helena Bonham Carter
. . .back in the 1990s.
Helena Bonham Carter from Celebrity Pictures.
Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter
Yeah, okay, you hate her, right? Okay, you're saying
she's too modern. And you think she doesn't really
belong in a grayscale picture blog of starlets "from
yesteryear." Me, I think she fits in great here.


Lolita said...

I actually agree. She has a classic look, she fits in! Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

That is the most bone structure in one human being since Hepburn. Of course she fits in here! She's bonkers, but this isn't a personality site anyway!

Anonymous said...

Thats it... Bonham Carter here at C. Parker... Have you lost your mind!
No No just kidding... great pictures!!

C. Parker said...

Thanks, Lolita and Sid. I think the grayscale helps. She's got a face custom made for black and white.

Lyndsay said...

She is absolutely beautiful, then and now.
She has an amazing bone structure in her face, and brilliant large round eyes that could have anyone melting and staring at her face.

Well done in accepting her and putting her in your blog, it made my day to see those photos again, just to remind me how brilliant the Bonham Carter-Burton family is!

Lady Meerkat said...

Of course she should be here. HBC-B is a classic, elegant beauty.

Hbcgrl32 said...

I love helena like mad, and she is a true beauty, not a plastic beauty. I love that about her, and her personality is great too.

sofijas said...

Love her! Her beauty is eternal!