From the "Non-Blonde Misc." folder

Susan Kohner
Just routine maintenance on the "Non-Blonde"
folder. But there are some stunners in here.
pinup picture
(Isn't the Venetian blind shadow effect supposed
to mean something viscerally significant in
visual language of film noir
? Doesn't it indicate
a social, moral, or geopolitical stratification?
Doesn't it dice up the hard-boiled detective's
psychological background or vivisect his angst
or ennui or some such B.S.?)

Kathryn Grayson
Gila Golan
Clare Bloom


Cunningham said...

Venetian blinds -

I think the model posing is Linda Stirling the serial Queen from Republic Studios (which I hope will be the subject of one of your posts - the starlets of Republic).

The venetian blinds was a way to add texture to the background without it looking "staged".
The angular beam of light found across the backgrounds of many a Hollywood photo shoot is called a "Hollywood slash".

The slash provided a bit of angular interest and the venetian blinds version is a more natural, yet threatening version.

Anonymous said...

The actress in the third photo -- the jpeg labeled "mysterious loose brunette" -- is, I believe, Linda Stirling, who appeared as "The Tiger Woman" in the film/serial of the same name in 1944.

Tom Ruegger

C. Parker said...

Thanks, both of you.